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BERGAMO ERASMUS+. Day 2. Excursion to Pavia, an impressive and cultural city. Destacado

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Second day.- Tuesday, 19th April 2016

At 7 o'clok Luighi was waiting me to go to visit the impressive city Pavia, in the south of Lombardía. Along Luighi was Giorgo, history teacher, and 20 students of the Liceo "Edoardo Amaldi".

Giorgio studied in Pavía during five years, he has prepared the visit and he explained us a lot of things very interesting about de city.

PAVÍA. Is a town and comune of south-western Lombardy, northern Italy, 35 kilometres (22 miles) south of Milan on the lower Ticino river near its confluence with the Po. It has a population of c. 68,000. The city was the capital of the Kingdom of the Lombards from 572 to 774.


In the city we have seen the next important monuments:

- Duomo. The Cathedral

- Church of the Santa María del Carmen.

- Basilica of San Pietro

- Castle of Vizconti

- The university

- Church of the San Franchesco

- The towers in the city

- School Borromeo. Giorgio was living there during five years and he showed us some important rooms.

- Church of San Miguel


During the visit, each student had prepared a part of a theme related to the monuments that were watching and they explained to their classmates. Giorgio said what students had to speak.


Luighi told me that students go to the Liceo from Monday to Saturday, from 8 o'clok to 13h o'clok.


I have been speaking English with Luighi and Giorgio, they have been very kind to me so I am very grateful to them.


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