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NORUEGA. Día 4. Last day in Alesund, I enjoyed myself a lot with "cooking". Destacado

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Four Day. Thursday, 11th February 2016

Last day.- Time flies!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was my last day in Folkeuniversitetet in Ålesund.

I attended some vocational training classes but I enjoyed myself a lot with "cooking". We prepared some food and baked some bread..interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!!


They have well-equiped rooms for vocational training classes ( cooking,gardening, electricity...).

It is brilliant the enthusiasm of the teacher as well as the students. This word is what  I use to define "Norway" 'cos they like everything they do and they do their best.

We talked about the country and all the benefits they have ( maternity leave, wages, grants.....) this is a great country despite the taxes they pay!!!!!!

Apart from this, they asked me lots of questions about Spain and England ( Norwegians think I am British because of my accent).

It was nice to be with them chatting and eating all we had prepared.

Tonight I will go out with them and this will be the end of my mobility.

Tomorrow I'll get my flight in the morning ...

Back home again!!!!!!

Everything has been very positive and I've learnt lots of things about this wonderful country and the way they work.

Hope to see them soon..

I'll tell you tomorrow about my flight!!!!!!!

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