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Four Day. Thursday, 11th February 2016

Last day.- Time flies!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was my last day in Folkeuniversitetet in Ålesund.

I attended some vocational training classes but I enjoyed myself a lot with "cooking". We prepared some food and baked some bread..interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jueves, 11 Febrero 2016 08:03

NORUEGA. Día 3 in Alesund. WHERE'S THE SUN???

Third day.- Wednesday, 10th February 2016


I got up at 6.00 a.m after four hours sleep!!

As usual, snowing a lot ( no sun at all)...

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Second day.- Tuesday, 9th February 2016


Time flies, that's why I got up at 5.30  to visit fishermen in front of the hotel...

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First day.- Monday, 8th February 2016

Quite a cold day ( -9 degrees)...Norwegians are lovely, polite...from my point of view .

One teacher came to the hotel and picked me up.

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Domingo, 07 Febrero 2016 23:40

NORUEGA. Arrival in Alesund. SAFE AND SOUND


Flight was awesome and now in Norway. Temperature quite low but better than I thought ( snowing a little bit)...

It's quite dark so I will not be able to see anything 'til tomorrow..

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Jueves, 04 Febrero 2016 17:57



Preparing everything for Norway!!!!

I´m ready to go to Alesund in Norway ( More og Romsdal).- 7th/12th february.

I will tell you all about my exciting mobility in this wonderful country in ENGLISH, of course.




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