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NORUEGA. Día 3 in Alesund. WHERE'S THE SUN??? Destacado

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Third day.- Wednesday, 10th February 2016


I got up at 6.00 a.m after four hours sleep!!

As usual, snowing a lot ( no sun at all)...



Today, I had Norwegian classes. We compared English,Norwegian and Spanish as well as our festivities.


They enjoyed themselves 'cos they love Spain and obviously our weather.

By the way,they can' t believe that I'm Spanish!!!!!!

They brought typical Norwegian food and drink for me so tonight I'll invite them.....


They always have a smile on their face despite their problems...

One of the teachers owns a farm and we'll have a party tomorrow 'cos it will be my last night here in Ålesund...what a pity!!!


IMG 2970What about tonight???

I can't tell you moreeeeee 'cos that's private and you'd be shocked!!!!!!

Sorry, I went shopping around the town and I bought stupid things such as trolls and c( joke!!!).

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