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BERGAMO ERASMUS+. Day 4. Making a presentation in English and visiting monuments in Alzano. Destacado

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Fourth day.- Thursday, 21th April 2016


At 8 o'clok I have been in the Miorelli class of fisical. In all classes there is a european map.

Afther I have gone to the english Brunella class, I have realiced a presentation and students asked me about interesting things of Spain.


At 10 o'clok I was in the  Martignone's class of quimical, with the periodical table.

At eleven o'clok I went with Fiorella, English teacher, to visit the impressive church of Alzano Lombardo.

After that, I was speaking for two hours with the headmaster about interesting things of her school. In Italy, this year there are 6 extra teachers to replace other teachers, and to develope some school projects, every week Franchesca has to make the timetable of these teachers. Also, this year some students have to perform placements. 


The experience is being wonderful.



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