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BRUSELAS ERASMUS+. Day 4. Last day, we decided to go to Waterloo in the morning

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Four day.- Friday, 5th March 2016


Last day, we decided  to go to Waterloo in the morning. It was raining cats and dogs  (quoting David), so we cut the visit short a headed back to our place to get ready for the "English evening". It was a big a party organized by English department.


There were around 15 English teachers and more than a hundred students. It was pretty impressive. There was a cake competition with 31 amazing cakes. There were there awards: the most beautiful, the best flavour and the most British.


There was also a Quizz in English for the students with 4 rounds:

1) Teachers pictures from childhood competition (so cute!)

2) World skylines

3) Culture in English speaking countries

4) Music in English


Ann was a wonderful speaker. There was a jury, live harp music for the interludes, presents...


Teachers put a lot of effort and time in this gathering and they worked perfectly as a team.

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Ana Isabel Rodríguez Gonzálvez

Secretaria del Centro

Profesora del ámbito de inglés

Coordinadora de Equipos Didácticos


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