Martes, 09 Febrero 2016 21:52

NORUEGA. Día 2, I attended different classes with the refugees from Syria.

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Second day.- Tuesday, 9th February 2016


Time flies, that's why I got up at 5.30  to visit fishermen in front of the hotel...


Today was great 'cos I made the presentation of the school and different towns. They enjoyed themselves asking lots of different questions about our school and students.

I attended different classes with the refugees from Syria and we talked about the situation of the refugees in the Scandinavian countries.All of them really nice and intelligent.

In the afternoon the headmaster invited me to his house and I met all his family ( I saw the typical house here in Ålesund )...


Tonight we are going out and try typical food and drink ( beers!!).

It is snowing a lotttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!

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